I am a Computer Science PhD student working under Dr. Aaron Stump. I am interested in programming language theory, logic, and the formalization of mathematics. My current research revolves around Cedille's unique feature set and how it can be used to construct powerful features of other dependently typed languages.

Google Scholar

The University of Iowa 2018-08 —

Graduate Assistant


  • Improved and maintained the Cedille tool
  • Completed rewriting of a new front-end for the Kind2 tool
  • Teaching assistant for Logic in Computer Science; Formal Methods in Software Engineering; and High Performance and Parallel Computing

Lock3 Software, LLC 2018-06 — 2018-03



  • Investigated proposed C++ features (including modules and contracts)
  • Started an experimental implementation of the C++ contracts proposal

OverDrive Inc. 2016-02 — 2018-02

Developer I


  • Designed and developed test automation infrastructure
  • Designed and developed automated test suites for many company APIs and products
  • Improved internal tools for software testers

PreEmptive Solutions 2014-07 — 2015-12

Software Engineer


  • Modified Product APIs for internal tools to mock customer data
  • Investigated accuracy concerns for set cardinality approximation implementation and associated operations

The University of Akron 2012-08 — 2014-05

Graduate Assistant


  • Teaching assistant for College Algebra; and Intermediate Algebra
  • Lecturer for Fundamentals of Math for Primary Educators

ACM Student Organization 2014-08 — 2018-05



  • Developed contest problems and held six contests following an ICPC format for local students
  • Led weekly practices to improve student ability in solving algorithm and data structure focused programming problems

The University of Iowa 2018-08 —

Computer Science
Doctor of Philosophy

The University of Akron 2012-08 — 2015-05

Applied Mathematics
Masters of Science

Choose Ohio First STEM Scholar

Awarded 2014
Awarded 2012, 2013, and 2014

Successful Participant

Awarded 2013
by The Mathematical Contest in Modeling

20th place team at ICPC East Central Regional Qualifier

Awarded 2012

Ricardo Francisco Garzia Scholar

Awarded 2012

Simulating Large Eliminations in Cedille

Zero-Cost Constructor Subtyping

Published by IFL 2020, ACM DL

Quotients by Idempotent Functions in Cedille

Published by TFP 2019, Springer